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 Who profits from spam? Surprise


From MSNBC News (via Slashdot): There wouldn't be spam if there wasn't money in spam. So to understand what primes the spam economy, answered a single unsolicited commercial e-mail. Following this one spam trail led us from Alabama to Argentina, from a tiny Birmingham-based firm and someone named Erp past a notorious spammer named Super-Zonda and right through big-name companies like Ameriquest, Quicken, and LoanWeb. And that's just the beginning. The truth about spam is this: While the dirty work is done by secretive, faceless computer jockeys who are constantly evading authorities, lots of companies with names you know profit, at least tangentially, from their efforts.

Pretty long but very interesting article! I had a sad thought for Seth's dream of a spam-free Internet, when I read it.

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