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James Thomson just released DragThing 5. There are too many changes and new features in this major revision to list them all here, but here are some:

  • Full support for Mac OS X 10.3 aka "Panther".
  • Many Panther only features including the new "Window Dock" which can display a list of all open windows, just minimised windows, or the windows of the frontmost application.
  • Much improved Quartz based visuals, including optional "Metal" docks and several new anti-aliased tab styles.
  • You can individually specify which application opens a particular document or URL item, so that, for example, one URL can open in Safari, another in Internet Explorer.
  • You can display previews of image files in the folder and item contextual menus.
  • Rewritten hotspot support with multiple hotspots and actions such as bringing DragThing to the front, hiding, showing, and minimising docks.
  • You can set layers to be arranged automatically when you add or remove items, and you can keep them arranged by the items you use most often.
  • Optional sounds effects for actions like inserting and ejecting disks, emptying the Trash, and many more.

One thing I love about DragThing is how highly customizable it is: you can use it directly out of the box, but if you dig a bit in its options you can make it look an feel really different. It's definitely one of the first apps I install on new machines and recommend to friends and co-worker.

Bravo James!

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