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 Spammers are fighting back

According to ComputerWorld, several providers of public antispam blacklists give up after having been heavily hit by denial-of-service attacks and email spoofing.

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1. Seth Dillingham commented :

I would have been tempted to participate in those DoS attacks, if I'd know about them. I hate the blacklists, they do more harm than good.

No, I wouldn't have really participated, but I would have cheered. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just hackers doing the attacking... the black lists are evil. Too many non-spammers get listed.

2. FlipMartin commented :

Yeah maybe. But the point was that the line between spammers and pirates gets thinner everyday. And if they get bold enough to attack anti spam organisations and release viruses that can turn one's PC into a spam machine, they're not likely to stop here.

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