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 IC-Switch on Panther

IC-Switch on Panther

If you were using IC-Switch 1.2 in Jaguar, you can keep using it in Panther. The only thing Panther broke in IC-Switch is the feature to detect helpers automatically on your machine (actually it didn't really break it, it revealed a wrong assumption that I made and that worked fine in Jaguar).

OTOH, IC-Switch 1.3 is at version b2 already, and should be released in the next few days. Here's what's new in that version:

  • Updated for Panther (both functionally and cosmetically).
  • Added an option to control whether each submenu is displayed or not.
  • Display the seleted helper's path (in the preferences window).
  • Fixed a conflict with Ittec which led it to attach its submenus to the icons menu in the preferences window.
  • Updated the documentation.

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