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 Huge storms


The South of France is being hit by huge storms that are causing lots of flooding. Yesterday the "epicenter" was around Marseille, and today it's just here, over Montpellier (about 200 km West of Marseille).

Météo France raised the alert to the maximum, so everything is off: no public transportation, no schools, nothing. Several nuclear plants have even been turned off for safety, but thankfully we've personally got no power outage so far.

However, hundreds of roads and railroads are closed (even the international airport is) and people are strongly encouraged to stay home. At least six died already.

Needless to say it's a new record! And it happens just after Russia announced that it won't ratify the Kyoto protocol in its current form, basically because it finds unfair to limit its economy growth when other countries (*cough* USA again! *cough*) refused to do so. Politics!

Update: The peak has passed, now, but more than 12,000 people have been evacuated today.

Update 2: According to BBC News again, Russia [is] 'still open' to Kyoto pact.

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