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 At last!


I guess that's what most of my Net friends must be thinking now, as a number of them reproached me for not having a weblog (especially those who know that I've developed a fair part of the first Conversant's weblog plugin).

Macrobyte is now working on a great new weblog tool (Conversant has evolved so much since the first one was written that it was wiser to start again from scratch) and I wanted to help testing it. And there's no better way to do so than using it, right? So here it is. Enjoy. Or not. ;-)

Oh, and of course, this weblog being a Conversant plugin, it comes with automatic RSS generation. So you can subscribe to all of it using the default url, or separately to any of its three channels: misc., software, and sciences (and I had almost nothing to do to enable these RSS feeds!).