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I gave a try to Uplink, and frankly I'm not impressed.

The port to OS X is rather OK, although it quit on me once with no warning and for no reason (but it wasn't really a crash, as no crash log had been generated). Also, since Uplink changes the resolution to 800 x 600 by default, I found that almost all my windows from other applications were resized and stacked under the menubar (I suspect that VirtualDesktop may have been involved in this flaw, though).

Anyway, the game itself takes you to 2010, where you do and see everything through a supposedly very advanced gateway. Well, it may look very advanced to the Windows users for whom the game has be designed in the first place, but when you spend your days working in Mac OS X, this gateway's user interface definitely looks like an ugly Windoze thing of the past. :) It's almost monochromatic (blue and white), and has nothing we use to expect from a computer.

For example, what you do is largely based on the bookmarks you collect, but there's no way to sort or categorize them. And don't even think about putting aliases of your most used applications on the desktop, you'll have to launch them from a menu that looks like the Windows Start menu (and even worse). Oh, and if you want to delete a file from your own filesystem, you'll have to go to Uplink's online store and buy the Deleter application. Reminds me a famous Software company. I wouldn't pay 30 bucks to endure all this if the gameplay was excellent, and it's not even good, IMO. Just boring. Bye, Uplink, I have more fun with my everyday work!

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