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 Application Enhancer isn't bad


I've been told by some friend that if my DesktopSweeper wasn't based on Unsanity's APE Framework, they would probably use it. I was sorry to hear that (although it didn't come as a surprise), because as a developer, as a user and as a beta tester, I know that the buzz around Unsanity's APE being the source of all kinds of problems is completely unjustified. But unfortunately I've not been convincing enough to "convert" all of my friends.

So I'm glad that Rosyna (at Unsanity) wrote an article to demonstrate why and how each claim against the APE Framework is wrong. None of this is new to me, but having a clear document to point to will definitely help me. And I hope it will also help Unsanity, because they really don't deserve the FUD that affects their products.

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