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 DesktopSweeper 1.1

DesktopSweeper 1.1

DesktopSweeper 1.1 is getting close. The 1.1b1 has just been released to the beta testers, so the GM should be only a couple of weeks away.

For those who don't know, DesktopSweeper is an APE module that allows to hide Desktop icons (more info here).

There are some cool new features, in the 1.1: a new automatic mode that makes desktop icons visible when the Finder is frontmost and hides them when it's not, and an option to hide the Finder completely (like by pressing cmd-H) when hiding icons. There's also a couple of bug fixes and improvements, and multiple monitors configurations are now supported. Email me if you're interested in beta testing it.

BTW, DestkopSweeper makes a perfect companion for GeekTool!

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