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 What Exxon doesn't want you to know


Greenpeace: The secret's out. Climate sceptics being funded by ExxonMobil can no longer hide behind the name of a front group. A new website - - exposes the links between ExxonMobil money and the think tanks, associations and individuals denying global warming.

With names like "The Cato Institute", "The Heritage Foundation", "Frontiers of Freedom Institute" and "Tech Central Station" you might think these groups are independent organisations. You would imagine their opinions are unbiased and impartial. You might assume they are balanced and neutral.

But if you did, you'd be wrong. These and many other think tanks, which have names designed to hide their real agenda, are putting forward opinions denying or debasing the science behind global warming. And they are getting funding from the fossil fuel industry which is causing the problem.

Read the rest of the article! And if you ever planned to have grand-children, ask yourself what world we're going to bequeath them, and why!

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