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Maybe you've already heard of "Bikes against Bush", (quoting their site) an interactive protest/performance occurring simultaneously online and on the streets of NYC during the Republican National Convention. Using a wireless Internet enabled bicycle outfitted with a custom-designed printing device, the Bikes Against Bush bicycle can print text messages sent from web users directly onto the streets of Manhattan in water-soluble chalk.

The so-called custom-designed printing device is amazing, BTW. There's a Quicktime movie that shows it in action, and it's really great!

Anyway, Josh Kinberg, the creator of that printing bike has been arrested on Saturday afternoon, after describing the project and the goal's of the performance to the media, and he relates what happened on that page. It's already incredible that someone can be arrested like that and detained for nothing, but a part of his report struck me. Here it is:

After being arrested, I spent 24 hours in the Tombs, a notorious NYC correctional facility, with over a hundred other bicyclists from the previous night's Critical Mass bicycle ride. Several of the cyclists detained were not even part of Critical Mass, but were simply on a bicycle at the wrong time when the police decided to arrest anyone on the streets with a bike. The cyclists had spent the previous night in a location that they were calling "Lil' Gitmo," a former bus depot on the west side piers converted into a holding pen for protestors. Lil' Gitmo had cells sectioned off with chainlink fence and razor wire, and a floor covered in motor oil, transmission fluid, and other toxic chemicals. The cyclists were forced to sleep on this floor, many of them only wearing cycling shorts and t-shirts. Several had severe skin rashes the next day as a result. They were transferred from Lil' Gitmo to the Tombs on Saturday morning, where I joined them later that day. Most of them were released on Sunday morning, but their bikes are being held till after they appear in court.

Wow! Looks like the American dream is turning more and more into a nightmare! When I read stuff like that, I really feel sorry for my American friends!

And BTW, I wonder if that guy would still have been arrested if he planned to demonstrate against Kerry.

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