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 The Warming War heats up


Greenpeace: "George Bush's government is out in the cold over Kyoto - and it's that old Cold War enemy, Russia, that's put it there. The Russian government has moved closer towards ratifying the crucial Kyoto climate change treaty. But while Bush hangs out in hurricane-ravaged Florida before his first election debate, the US government continues to criticise the Kyoto Treaty."

It's no surprise that the Bush administration has refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol, as the USA are the greatest emitters of greenhouse effect gases and know it very well. But obviously, most people in America don't believe that global warming is a threat or even a reality, thanks to the Bush administration manipulating scientific reports on the subject. However it's well known to climatologists that hurricanes need warm water to develop and it only takes a bit of common sense to realize that global warming will lead to an increase of hurricanes in both number and violence (if it's not already the case...). If I was Bush, I'd pray that people who have lost everything in Florida will never get that common sense they seem to miss.

So despite the efforts of the Bush administration to deny the problem, it's great news that Russia finally decided to ratify the Kyoto protocol. And the USA are isolated again in spite of their pretention to lead the planet towards a better world. Global warming is a much greater threat than terrorism, and it would have been a smarter idea to do something about it rather than messing up with Iraq. Hopefully American citizens will thank Bush, and the next administration will do something about it.

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