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 Terror cargo lands in France


Greenpeace: After weeks of cat-and-mouse antics, the Pacific Pintail slipped into the port of Cherbourg with a deadly cargo of Plutonium -- but only after a French court ensured Greenpeace would be kept out of the way."

After its trip across the seas, the Plutonium is loaded on trucks and reaches its final destination by road. Such convoys regularly go across the whole France, and despite the authorities claims that their route is top secret, it's been demonstrated several times how easy they are to find (hence to attack). Some months ago I've seen a very good report on TV about the danger of those shipments, and the reporter concluded his coverage in front of a highway, by saying that the convoy was very easy to spot despite the government and Areva's claims. And to the second he concluded, the convoy passed on the highway right behind him. The camera made a panoramic to follow it and the report ended on that.

Darn Governments! You know what? When the radioactive cloud from Tchernobyl travelled across the whole Europe, they even had the nerve to affirm that it didn't come in France, but instead went around it! And they not only lie, they also threaten the people who denounce it: Any demonstrator caught within a 500 meters area around the convoy or its destination is promised a 50.000 € fine! They call that democracy.

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