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 IC-Switch reviewed on Macworld

IC-Switch reviewed on Macworld

Thanks to Mike for letting me know that IC-Switch has been mentioned on Macworld and reviewed on their site. I didn't even know. :)

It's a great review, too. I've seen some articles where IC-Switch was compared (rather defavorably unfavorably--thanks, Seth) with MoreInternet, but their author didn't get the point that IC-Switch was made to change helpers often and quickly. Dan Frakes, the author of this review, didn't miss that point as he uses IC-Switch to do exactly what it was originally designed for.

Dan concludes his review with: IC-Switch is definitely a piece of software that will appeal to a limited group of users—but those people will love it.

Since it's been specifically designed for this limited group of users, I couldn't hope for more than hearing that. Thanks! :)

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