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Seth is working on a new feature for Conversant's weblog that's very cool. Basically, all you'll have to do (assuming you're using Conversant, of course) is to click on a link that will install a Javascript bookmarklet in whatever browser you happen to be using. After that, when you want to post a new story to your weblog, just select some text in a web page and click on this bookmarklet. A small window containing a form will then open, with most fields already set by default, based on the front page in your browser and the text you selected.

It's still a work in progress, but it's coming up pretty nicely! (that message was posted from the bookmarklet)

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1. Corentin commented :

WordPress offers something similar (which doesn't make the slightest difference for you) but you can also already do that using the Bookmarklet offered by MarsEdit (for many blog systems).

2. FlipMartin commented :

Thank you, Corentin. I know this is not an exclusive feature, but I thought that my friend (and former boss) Seth could use some encouragements and appreciation of his hard work. :)

3. Corentin commented :

Quite true. All such efforts should be vigorously encouraged :-)

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