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 dbSpy 0.7


André Radke and I are glad to announce the first beta release of dbSpy. dbSpy is a tool for Frontier developers and admins designed to analyze Frontier Guest Databases. It provides information about the structure and the contents of a GDB, in the form of a Frontier hierarchy of tables (detailing used, free or orphaned nodes and other similar information) and optionally in the form of a graphical representation of the GDB. It is intended to be cross-platform and doesn't require any third party program (except for a Web browser).

André is the real father of that tool, as he wrote most of the low level stuff before I got involved and I did mostly the user interface. But working with him is always educational and a pleasure. So thank you for this opportunity, André! :)

More info and download

Update: I added the screenshot showing an example of dbSpy results to the dbSpy page (click to see a larger version):

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