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The stage 13 of the Tour de France went by under my windows, today, and I didn't even know it passed by Montpellier! For some reason I'm only interested in motor sports, but since I know that my friend Seth is a fan of le Tour and would love to see it live, here's my report (also it will wake up my weblog which took advantage that I'm quite busy at work to fall asleep behind my back!).

The first thing I noticed was the calm (I'm in front of a rather important road, and when it's closed you can hear the difference!). I also noticed some people and cops hanging around, but since I was working I ignored them. One hour later, the first ad cars went by, and then I couldn't ignore any longer that something was going on. They make lots of noise, playing ads and honking. They were going quite fast, though (at least 60 or 70 km/h), and didn't throw any junk to the crowd as I thought they were supposed to. They were grouped by advertiser, thankfully for our ears, and a few hundred of meters separated each group (maybe 7 or 8 of them).

Nothing else happened for maybe one hour, except an occasional car or a bike passing fast but silently.

Then the runners arrived, announced by the sound of the choppers. Since this must have been a flat stage, there were two groups of them separated by only 30 seconds or so. They were going as fast as the ad cars, and they were all gone in less than two minutes. They were followed by team cars and ambulances which were all gone in less than five minutes.

Five or ten minutes later a few (five or six) late runners passed by, with the "voiture balais" and the last cars. And it was done. The crowd and cops started to leave, and that was it. Better watch it on TV, if you ask me, Seth! :)

Here's a link about that stage.

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