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 OCSmart Hacks 2.0


Ondra Cada just released OCSmart Hacks 2.0 which brings full Tiger support.

OCSmart Hacks is a service bundle that adds several features to any Cocoa-based Mac OS X application. These features include:

  • The main menu can be popped up anyplace, anytime;
  • tear-off menus;
  • resizing a window by any edge;
  • moving a window by any point inside its frame (not just by its title);
  • entering URL links into RTF(D) documents in TextEdit;
  • saving any formatted text into HTML;
  • even keeping a watch over the current keyboard and reporting when it changes;
  • and more.

Great stuff! Check it out:

Update: Frontier users, run the following from Terminal if Frontier crashes with OCSH installed:
defaults write com.UserLand.Frontier OCSHDisableHacks 1

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1. Piyush Jain commented :

Excellent! Tear off menus for OS X, just like NeXTStep!


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