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My friend Seth having mentioned to me a couple of times (privately) that I didn't post anything here in more than a month, I thought that I owed him and my other two readers a little apology and some explanations. So here they are:

- First, I'm in one of those periods where my coworkers and our customers seem to have made an arrangement to keep me particularly busy.

- Second, one of their requests would have been much more user friendly being implemented in AJAX, so that's what I did. But since it was the first time I was using AJAX (and Prototype), it took a bit longer to develop than their usual requests (even though it was surprisingly easy).

- Third, I've got a lot to do with the applications I beta test and/or localize (hmm, I wonder if their developers know my coworkers ;) ).

- And fourth, last weekend, an external disk of my QuickSilver lost its partition map for some completely mysterious reason.

This disk had four partitions: one for my main user's home directory, one for all the third party applications I use, one full of backups, and one with a test system. I don't care much about the third party apps and the test system, but I found out on this occasion that my daughter Jessica deleted from her Mac many of the files she copied to this backup volume. So these lost files weren't only backups; they were the only existing copies of her files. Ouch!

Thankfully, in this case the data is still on the disk, and Data Rescue was able to recover almost all of it. But without the partition map it cannot determine the blocks layout and I had to figure it out manually, which was quite time consuming. Also, the few files it failed to recover led it to crash. Therefore, the recovery operations took even longer.

So you see, if I didn't post anything here in one month, it's not only because I was too lazy; it's because I was too busy. :)

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