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 Path Finder 4.1


Congrats to everyone at CocoaTech for the release of Path Finder 4.1!

Path Finder is the Cocoa Finder on steroids that lots of people are asking for, except that it isn't made by Apple. Actually, I think it would have much less features if it was made by Apple, which is another way of saying that Path Finder is very power-user-oriented. It has pretty much everything you could ask for, from tabs to Stuffit integration, from advanced search, filtering and selection features, to complete user customization. And starting with the version 4.1, it also has a completely redone French localization (thanks to your host).

The other changes in this version include the support of smart folders, the addition of a size browser similar to Omni's DiskSweeper, an improved Go To Folder dialog, and a lot of bug fixes. Oh, and it's also a Universal Binary.

So if you think that Apple's Finder leaves something to be desired, give Path Finder a try. It really is a great application!

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