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 DesktopSweeper 1.3

DesktopSweeper 1.3

DesktopSweeper 1.3 was just released, and even though I still don't have an Intel-based Mac, this is a (long awaited) Univeral Binary, thanks to the beta testers and particularly to Rosyna, Mike and Corentin!

Here are all the changes in this version:

  • Universal Binary (runs on both PPC and Intel based Macs).
  • Added ways to enable separately Display and Hide automatically.
  • Added an option to prevent the Finder to come to the front when clicking on the Desktop while icons are hidden.
  • Reworded most tooltips in the prefs pane.
  • Fixed a bug where the hidden state could get reversed for icons that were partially offscreen.
  • Changed the bundle identifier. Therefore, the name of the preferences file changed too and users of previous versions can delete the old prefs file ~/Library/Preferences/com.flip.desktopSweeper.plist.
  • Added support and optional installation of SmartCrashReports.
  • Now comes with Unsanity's Application Enhancer 2.0 and Installer 3.6.1.

You can see the manual and download DesktopSweeper from this page.

I hope you'll like it!

 Previous Comments

1. Corentin commented :

Congratulations on the new version :-)

2. FlipMartin commented :

Thank you! :)

3. Eric-Paul E.L. Lecluse commented :

Hey man! I have been using DesktopSweeper for the past two years on a daily basis, it is better than all other "hide desktop" apps that try to do the same. Too bad the 10.6 snow leopard broke it, as leopard did before.

Do you know if an eventual update to the APE will fix it, or are you maybe thinking of an updated version yourself?



the Netherlands.

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