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 We Have A Launch!

We Have A Launch!

Welcome to, my new website!

After ten years of having been called FL!P and having been hosted at by my friend Seth (whom I'll never thank enough), my site has now been redesigned from the ground up, both on the frontend and the backend, and got its own hosting. It's taken months, working on it only on my spare time, but an update was long due anyway and I think it was worth the trouble.

Also, the new site uses the latest Web technologies, including responsive design and Web accessibility, so it should now be usable on your phone or screen reader too, at last. You can see the responsive design in action on your computer by resizing the window, BTW (try it, it's pretty cool). The only thing I didn't make any effort to support is Internet Explorer, so if it's what you're using... well, let just say that I'm sorry but my site looks much better to others.

That being said, if you are one of my regular visitors, you shouldn't be lost because the whole site kept its original organisation and contents (please let me know if you run into a broken link, though).

However, note that user accounts have not been migrated. So if you want to post a comment (which you're very welcome to), you will have to create a new account. But don't worry, it's quick and easy. And harmless, as your email address will never be displayed, nor shared or sold.

Finally, if you subscribed to the old site's RSS feed(s), you'll have to update the url(s) in your RSS reader. See the RSS page for more information and for the urls.

I hope you'll enjoy the new site, and while I'm here I wish you the very best for 2013!

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