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 Keyboard Maestro 6

Keyboard Maestro 6

Keyboard Maestro 6 was released today, with over a hundred new features. Congrats to Peter N Lewis!

Some of these new features look rather minor (which doesn't take anything away from their usefulness), like new text tokens or new calculation functions; some are great but weren't quite unexpected, like new icons and improved UI, synching macros between Macs, or global support for styled text; and some are truly amazing and came as big surprises, like triggering Macros by Name, the Macro Debugger, or Plug In Actions.

See the full list of features and a video presentation on Keyboard Maestro's homepage.

If you don't use Keyboard Maestro yet, you really should give it a try because you're missing out a lot! There's a little bit of a learning curve, as always with such powerful tools, but in only a week or two you won't believe the boost in productivity it will have given you.

I've been running prerelease versions of KM6 for some time, and I love it! So I've put together a couple of tutorials on how to use two of its major new features, the Plug In Actions and the Macro Debugger. There's also a few changes to my Tips & Tricks for Keyboard Maestro page, and more will be added when time permits.

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1. Bakari commented :

Hi, looking forward to your tips on version 6 of KM. You've already hipped me to the new sort by modification or execution feature, which is seriously welcomed. Thanks for your content on this site.

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