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 Keyboard Maestro Browser Control Tutorial

Keyboard Maestro Browser Control Tutorial

Amongst the new features introduced in Keyboard Maestro 6, there is a set of actions and tokens designed to control Safari or Google Chrome and the webpages you opened in them.

These actions allow to perform basic tasks, like opening a new window or tab on a given site, navigating across tabs, and so on. But more importantly, they allow to create much more advanced macros to control webpages by clicking links, filling out and submitting forms, or executing your own JavaScript scripts.

These actions are very powerful, but interacting with webpages or controlling web applications from Keyboard Maestro is not always as easy as controlling desktop applications. So I wrote this two parts tutorial about it, showing what you can do with these actions (spoiler: pretty much anything), and how:

Keyboard Maestro Browser Control (Basics)
Keyboard Maestro Browser Control (Advanced)

If you find yourself reproducing the same actions over and over again on some websites, this will show you how you can automate it. Enjoy!

 Previous Comments

1. NiWy commented :

Hi Flip,

I have a problem with the one specific homepage, which doesn't shows any DOM-herarchy with the KM-Safari-Macros "Click Safari Field", "Select Safari Field", "Set Safari Checkbox" etc. That means, when I click on the Safari popup menu at the top right of the action (on the KM Macros), any informations is shown.

I suggest that this homepage is written with a lot of Java-Code, and perhaps there are some security reason for hide informations.

Do you have any suggestions to controlling such a website respectively to find out informations for KM Macros ?

The source code shows informations like this:

<a class="NPASubMenu" mydatafld="HRiep" id="Riep" name="Menu6" operazione="12" onclick="au7("DPPostRiepiloghi.asp")" style="display: block; visibility: visible; text-decoration: none; background-position-y: -300px;">Auswertungen</a>

for a link to click.

Best regards

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3. YahooSupport commented :

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