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 Are you a cybercriminal and don't even know it?


From The Register: A few odd cases show that you don't have be a digital desparado to be accused of a cybercrime... particularly if you embarrass the wrong bureaucrats.

Some recent (and not so recent) cases illustrate how computer security professionals and well intentioned whistle-blowers face a genuine risk of running afoul of computer crime statutes simply for forgetting to ask the right person, "May I?," before doing a computer security assessment.

This article as several edifying stories; like the one of a Houston computer security consultant who briefly worked as a contractor with the Harris County, Texas district clerk's office. He conducted a "war driving" exercise and demonstrated that the office's 802.11b network was misconfigured and allowed access to anyone. As a reward for his efforts, he was eventually investigated by FBI agents (who kicked in his door at 6AM, seized his computers and all electronic media and effectively put him out of business.), and had to stand trial, at a cost of tens of thousands of his own and taxpayer dollars. The jury acquitted him in 15 minutes.

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