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 WindowShadeX gets Minimize In Place


What has been one of the most requested feature since Apple gave it a try in a beta version of the Dock is now implemented in WindowShadeX (3.0 Public Preview Release): minimizing in place (MIP for short).

So now, as an alternative to collapsing a window to its titlebar or minimizing it to the Dock, you can also minimize it in place: A minimized window looks like a document icon in the dock, that is it shows a reduced version of the window and the icon of the application. When you mouse over it, the icon size grows and the name of the window is displayed. Then, a single click restores the window to its original size and position.

This is still a beta version, but I've been using it for a couple of days, and it works just fine and is beautifully implemented. Bravo Slava! The only problem I have with it is that it crashes Eudora 6.0, but I know it will be fixed soon.

WindowShadeX is a great addition to Mac OS X. Definitely one of my top five indispensables!

BTW, on this occasion Unsanity is asking its customers: "How would y'all feel if we charged an upgrade fee for WSX 3?".

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