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 Apple reveals Panther, the G5, and more


Despite the leaks that multiplied in last weeks, Apple had a lot of surprises for us. And as always, the keynote (that I watched only in QuickTime, unfortunately) was quite a show -- and a pretty funny one.

Panther has some major new features that weren't leaked, AFAIK, like FileVault (which encrypts transparently your whole home folder), FontBook (an app dedicated to font management), Built-in faxing, and most of all, Xcode, Apple's new development environment that has some amazing features, like Distributed Builds, Zero link, Predictive Compile (compiles while you build), Fix and continue (make changes to apps while they are running), and a new beautiful interface.

There are also those which were leaked, like Exposé (that looks really cool!), the new "user centric" Finder, and Fast User Switching (that looks amazing too). I can't wait to try all that!

And of course there's iChat AV and its companion, iSight, that bring "video conferencing for the rest of us" to the Mac. This is going to be a killer! I bet that in six months it will be almost everywhere, including on PCs. My boss immediately realized that it would cut our phone expenses dramatically, and he already decided to provide a iSight to me and to my fellow co-workers.

Now the G5. Wow! Some info about it leaked too, but none said that it was twice quieter than the last G4, or that it would make ridiculous "the fastest PC you can buy" during some side by side tests performed live on the keynote! And if the specs of the G5 are amazing, according to Steve Jobs it's only the beginning of a brand new generation. So now Apple is claiming to produce the world's fastest personal computer, and they sell it about $1000 less than the price of the fastest PC! Who said that Macs are slow and expensive ?

The only thing, is that I'll have to wait to have seen one for real before deciding if I like how it looks or not (the side looks great, but the front?).

Anyway, that makes so much new great things to play with! I just can't wait! Apple did great again!

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