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 Got my iSight


I got my iSight yesterday (thanks to my boss!) and got a chance to try it with a friend who was in Vermont at that time (I'm in France). It worked very well! There was a bit of lag a couple of times from my P.O.V, but really not much. And my friend didn't see it.

The only thing that disappointed me so far, with the iSight, is the stand they provide for flat monitors: The back of my Studio Display 17" is not really flat, but the stand they provide for it has a flat base covered with "glue" that you have to paste on this rounded surface. So the contact is very bad but still, once you pasted it, it's very hard to remove (obviously, you're not supposed to remove it at all). I would have preferred a stand like the one they provide for PowerBooks, that just clips on to the top of the screen!

Except for that detail, I'm very happy with the iSight. Update: If you start a video chat and your buddy can't hear you, tell him/her to quit and re-launch iChat.

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1. not4u commented :

Couldn't agree with you more about everything you said. I got my iSight and, while I love the stand that is included for the iBook/Powerbook, hate the iSight stand that is supposed to peel off and glue onto the back of my INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE Apple LCD Display. Has Apple even considered how one is going to ship an LCD monitor back to Apple in the dispatch box Apple provides? One would first have to remove the iSight stand from the back of the LCD; probably breaking it in the process and ruining the LCD's ability to "hold" another one in its place. I was equally disappointed with Apple's puny offering for the iSight desktop stand which I often resorting to propping up with a bottle of suntan lotion just to keep the iSight's 'weight' from tipping it over. (The iSight is very lightweight btw; just goes to show people how ill-thought-out those two stands were.) It is especially disappointing that, in theory, while not yet implemented, Apple has the perfect idea for an iSight stand for an Apple LCD; all Apple needs to do is model it exactly like the one for the powerbook/iBook stand for the iSight; enlarge the dimensions a bit, and there you have it. The desktop stand solution might have been as easy as enlarging the base or making some sort of smallish tripod. Apple, you got one of the three iSight stands right; woo hoo. Please drop by our Message Board (forums) at and make your views known. More people need to speak out against how disgraceful these stands are. Given our high expectations for Apple's design team ... well, I didn't expect them to stoop to peel-off-and-glue. Not to mention the iSight desktop stand should be portable! Not peel-and-glue but designed to travel from room to room. Our direct message board address is and we look forward to seeing you there, expressing your views. :-)

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