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 Europe's weird weather warms debate


From New Scientist A scorching heat wave in Europe and a spate of forest fires has re-ignited the debate over whether global warming can be blamed for an apparent increase in the world's weird weather.

Scientists agree that no one yet knows the answer to this question, but they point out that an increase in the number and severity of extreme events is exactly what their models of a warmer world predict.

It's been about 42°C (107°F) here, today. For more than one month, a new record is beaten somewhere in France almost every day. That is we're seeing temperatures that were never reached since meteorologists existed! Also, scientists are finding mosquitos in the south of France that were never found there before: the kinds that transmit malaria and dengue fever! Is global warming an hoax? No shit!

Yeah, I know: it's no problem, we just need air-conditioning in every room and every car!

Update: More from Greenpeace.

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