About FlipMartin.net

FlipMartin.net is my personal Web site. It used to be called FL!P. Nothing that can be found or read here has anything to do with my employer.

About me

Heavily altered photo of my face

My name is Philippe Martin but since it's probably the most common name in this country, they use to call me Flip. I was born (in 1961) and I live in France. I've been happily married with Katia (who's an artist) since 1980. We have a daughter, Jessica (who's a singer) since 1984, and a grand-daughter, Luce (who's not much yet, but she's already eager to change that) since 2011.

I've worked nearly 20 years in the show business, originally as a musician, then alternatively as sound engineer and stage manager. I started teaching myself programming as a hobby (first with AppleScript and HTML) in the early nineties, almost as soon as I got my first Macintosh, a LC 4/40 (I've got seven other Macs after that one, and three Windows PC's. I still have most of the Macs...). I left the show business in 2000, and since then I've been making a living developing desktop and Web applications. The languages I use at work these days are mainly PHP on Symfony and Python.

I also play guitar (not often enough, though, according to my good ol' Stratocaster), my favorite band is Yes, I read a lot, and I love good SciFi in every form... and the Monty Python.