Here are some applications and stuff I wrote (in reverse order of update).

Keyboard Maestro Browser Control (Basics)

Keyboard Maestro 6 has actions and tokens that allow you to control Safari and Google Chrome, and more importantly the webpages or web applications you open in them. In the first part of this tutorial, you'll learn the basics of using these actions to control your browser and filling out and submitting forms.

Keyboard Maestro Browser Control (Advanced)

Keyboard Maestro 6 has actions and tokens that allow you to control Safari and Google Chrome, and more importantly the webpages or web applications you open in them. In the second part of this tutorial, we'll see how to put together more complex macros to control a web application.

Tips and Tricks for Keyboard Maestro

Tips and tricks for Keyboard Maestro demonstrating lots of features, like variables, flow control, calculations, dialogs, multiple clipboards, selection filters, web popups, and more.

Keyboard Maestro 6 Plugin Actions

Keyboard Maestro 6 brought a major and awesome new feature, Plug In Actions, that allows to create and share your own KM actions! In this tutorial, we will explore this new feature, creating a Comment action a bit more advanced than KM's.

Keyboard Maestro 6 Macro Debugger

Another great new feature introduced in Keyboard Maestro 6 is the Macro Debugger. In this tutorial, we'll see how to use it and how it can help you debug and fix your macros.


IC-Switch is a helper utility for Internet Config (hence the "IC" in its name) for Mac OS X. It allows you to change quickly and easily your default emailer, FTP client, news and RSS readers and Web browser, simply by choosing an item from a menu displayed in all applications.

IC-Switch (fr)

IC-Switch est un utilitaire pour Internet Config (d'où le "IC" dans son nom), pour Mac OS X. Il vous permet de changer facilement votre client FTP, votre application d'email, votre navigateur Web ou votre lecteur de news et de RSS par défaut, simplement en choisissant un article d'un menu affiché dans toutes les applications.


SnapBack is an extension for Safari (Mac and Windows) that brings back a feature it once had: it lets you jump back to the first page in the history of the current window or tab, or to the page you marked from the contextual menu.

Display system version and build number in GeekTool

How to to display the system version and build number using Geektool.

AppleScript Tips for GeekTool 3

Geektool 3 is still in development and is not feature complete yet at the time of writing, and some things you could do with GeekTool 2 (like switching between groups from a menu) aren't implemented in 3 yet. But GeekTool 3 is now scriptable, which allows to do things from the outside that you cannot do yet with GeekTool 3 alone, like displaying/hiding a given geeklet.


DesktopSweeper is a APE Module (the equivalent of Unsanity's haxies) for OS X (Jaguar, Panther and Tiger) that allows you to hide—and show again—the Finder's Desktop icons, either automatically (when switching applications) or using a hot key.

Controlling VLC through the LAN

When I watch movies on my TiBook, I like to stream them from the QuickSilver (the TiBook runs much hotter playing a DVD than playing a stream). I use VLC on both machines to do it, and it works fine. But the problem with this approach is that you cannot control VLC on the server from the client (and if you pause the movie from the client, it will continue to play on the server).

Continue reading for my remote scripting solution.

My PostFix Setup

If you used sendmail in Jaguar, you've noticed that Panther replaced it with postfix. Actually, sendmail appears to be still present, but in fact now it's just a stub that redirects everything to postfix for backwards compatibility (see 'man sendmail').

I was using sendmail in Jaguar mostly to get emailed the output of my cron tasks, and this shows how I set up postfix to achieve the same result in Panther and Tiger.


Several months ago, I wrote a quick shell script (named preman) that converts man pages to pdf files and opens them in preview. Since then I've used it almost each time I needed to consult a man page, but it had a problem: it only worked for pages in the section 1 of the manual. Put differently, 'preman pwd' (where section 1 is assumed) worked fine, but 'preman 3 getcwd' wasn't supported.

Continue reading for the new version.


dbSpy is a low-level database analysis tool for Frontier (Mac and Windows). It provides information about the structure and the contents of a GDB, in the form of a Frontier hierarchy of tables (detailing used, free or orphaned nodes and other similar information) and optionally in the form of a graphical representation of the GDB.


HTMLColorPicker is a little application for Mac OS X that allows to easily pick, edit, convert and store web safe colors to use in your Web pages. It lets you select a color in a variety of ways, round it to the closest of the 216 Web safe colors or to the closest of the 138 Netscape colors, and copy the corresponding hexadecimal code or Netscape color name. It also provides some Services accessibles from most applications.